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Bundles - Hair Length

Lengths 14-16 2 bundles. 

Lengths 18-24 3 Bundles. 

Lengths 26-30 4 bundles. 

Lengths 40+ 5 bundles or more.


Make sure to treat your bundles as you would your own hair. Too much heat can cause damage, your bundles are HUMAN hair, love your bundles.


Always use wide tooth combs for curly hair, and quality wig brushes for all other textures, be sure to brush from the bottom of hair to the top.

Cutting ends

Just like your hair, trims are very important for the health of your hair. Trim your bundles.

Hair Products to use

For curly hair be sure to use conditioners for more tamed looks, or be wild and free, heat protectors are highly recommended. Avoid heavy oils and cheap conditioners. deep condition once a week.

Styling/Sleeping in hair

You can style the hair as much as you want, dying should be done professionally, and always always be sure to wrap your hair at night using a bonnet, silk scarf.